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As the Global Crude Industry becomes more interconnected, industry participants need new and accurate real-time data. With over 70 years of combined experience, Link Data Services’ reputation in the oil industry for reliability and transparency is second to none. Link provides industry participants daily forward curve valuations, market commentary, and pricing reports across a wide spectrum of the domestic and international oil industry, as well as an array of consulting services. We also partner with some of our industry’s biggest names to ensure unparalleled insight in to the dynamics of the U.S. physical crude market.

Our Affiliates
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Link Crude Resources

The leading domestic crude oil brokerage desk in the industry, Link Crude Resources' reputation for honest and reliable service is unmatched. From the US Domestic Pipeline Market, DJ Basin and Rockies, to FOB barrels in Houston, Corpus, and Louisiana, Link's team of experienced brokers provides negotiation and execution across the physical domestic spectrum.

Link Futures

Navigating the forward derivatives market can be tricky and the Link Futures team of Series 3 and Series 30 certified brokers are the industry's first choice for negotiating and executing cleared contracts. With over 70 years combined experience our reputation for transparency and consistency is unparalleled.

McQuilling Partners Inc.

The industry leading group of brokers and consultants at McQulling Partners brings a history of excellence and a global presence that is unmatched in the international ship brokerage industry.

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