Link Data Services Announces Strategic Alliance with Sphere to Propel Growth in North American Crude Oil Market

April 30, 2024

Houston, TX/London, UKLink Data Services, a leading provider of North American crude oil data solutions, is forming a strategic alliance with FinTech trading technology firm, Sphere.

Link Data Services will harness Sphere’s AI-powered Liquidity Lake platform to enhance its data capture, processing and distribution capabilities.

The collaboration further cements Link’s reputation for reliability and transparency in the North American energy markets, and underlines Link’s commitment to pioneering technology solutions for the physical crude market.

This partnership will enable energy traders to better identify and respond to opportunities, enhancing quote management and trade execution processes.

Sphere provides patented, real-time AI technology that unites voice trading and electronic data. It transcribes and consolidates trade data from simultaneous voice and chat communications at human-level accuracy, instantly consolidating all data to a single screen. Sphere streamlines order and trade management, providing powerful market insights by giving users superior market views and enabling pioneering workflows and analytics to assist faster and better decision-making. 

Bill Jewett, Chief Operating Officer of Link Data Services, commented on the initiative: “The strategic adoption of Sphere’s Technology Platform marks a pivotal evolution in our approach to trade data management. Leveraging Sphere’s advanced AI and voice technologies significantly enhances our internal processes and operational efficiency. This initiative underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and achieving excellence, ensuring we meet the evolving demands of the energy trading sector.” 

Ami Katschinski, Co-founder and CEO of Sphere, adds, “We are excited to combine Link Data Services’ exceptional data and broking expertise with our cutting-edge technology. Together, we will deliver transformative solutions to foster the continued growth and evolution of the energy markets.” 

This collaboration marks a new era in Link’s broker operations, characterized by increased efficiency, precision and data processing capabilities. It underscores Link Data Services’ vision and ongoing commitment to leveraging technology and innovation to shape the future success of the North American crude oil industry. 


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About Link Data Services: Link Data Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Link Crude Resources. Together with the Link Group of companies, it leads the way in broker and data management solutions. Committed to innovation and excellence, Link Data Services delivers comprehensive crude oil trade data management and processing services to meet the dynamic needs of the global trading industry.

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About Sphere: Sphere is a leading technology provider servicing trading and brokerage firms worldwide. Launched in 2021 and headquartered in London, UK, its innovative Liquidity Lake platform harnesses the power of AI to seamlessly integrate data and workflows across voice trading and electronic markets in one application and one API, enabling traders and brokers to make and act on decisions with confidence and control.  

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